10 July 2014
Dr Bayu Satya, BSc received “The International Award Carthage”

Dr Bayu Satya, BSc received “The International Award Carthage in Campidoglio Roma, Italy for his role in saving the environment from the negative impacts of oil spills in Indonesia and around the world. [more]

27 February 2013
Buoyancy Force Training for Research and Development Quality of SLICKBAR Oil Skimmer

As a company that has always strived to be the leader in oil spill control technology, PT Slickbar Indonesia has always been keen on providing training to its staff in order to support the new technological capabilities. In this vein, on 19 February 2013 a training session was held by Mr. Puguh Triwinanto, a researcher with BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), for the Research and Development Department. Mr Sunandar, Manager of Slickbar R&D, affirmed in his opening speech in Slickbar’s meeting room: “This training session aims to increase the knowledge of Slickbar’s R&D engineers for the calculation of buoyancy forces acting on skimmers and design of floaters. We hope that the training we organized in the future can become an asset four our engineers in order to new design and better skimmers”. [more]

02 February 2013

"Happy birthday Slickbar Indonesia, hopefully more mature and longevity ..." said Mr Soegito Management Representative PT. Slickbar Indonesia in his speech at the Birthday celebration of Slickbar Indonesia to-16 at the headquarters of PT. Slickbar Indonesia. Besides many other sayings of the board of directors and employees (01/13). Although Birthday of Slickbar Indonesia falls on December 12, 2012 and yet the celebration on January 14, 2013 this does not detract from the essence of the celebration event was held. This event was not only attended by all Directors and employees of PT. Slickbar Indonesia but also by Directors and Employees PT. OSCT Indonesia because, according to the President Director of PT. Slickbar Indonesia Mr. Bayu Satya , PT. OSCT Indonesia is also a part of the family Slickbar Indonesia. [more]